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Successful program controls famine in Iguala

The insufficiency of the anti-inflation program announced last May by the Government of the Republic is undeniable, which is why, as was said in this space, they had to revive the old narrative of down with the hungerers!

And the program shines brighter than in Iguala, Guerrero, it achieved an immediate and widespread drop in the price of tortillas and a measure was announced that will eventually result in a drop in the price of beef and pork.

By order of the criminal gang, Cártel de la Sierra, all tortilla shops lowered their prices and at the slaughterhouse they will no longer pay “protection” of 300 pesos for each animal they carry. Is it a conspiracy of the narco right?

Will Mexico lose an entire generation?

Despite the resilience of the SEP, it does not seem responsible that, two years after the end of the six-year term, the Government of Mexico initiates ideological and social experiments with its “historic” programs for basic education.

An outrage, to put it nicely, to apply it to this generation of Mexican children and youth, without even knowing the extent of the damage caused in their preparation by poor non-face-to-face classes due to the pandemic.

Worse yet that the programs so applauded by the ruling elite of Morena intend to impose such revolutionary models that no other country uses them, because they see the future in the rearview mirror of the most outdated version of Marxism.

They do not train the Guard for public safety

For those who write this, it has been reiterated here, it is irrelevant whether the National Guard has a military command or a civilian command, what is relevant is that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has lost sight of the objective for which he created it.

The original idea was correct, a task similar to the French Gendarmerie that reinforces the police in communities of less than 20,000 inhabitants and guarantees public safety with surveillance and police investigation tasks.

Here, due to inexplicable misgivings in Sedena, they have neglected to train the Guard for this essential task. If they don’t, the least important thing will be the waste of the 241 barracks built in 19 states until yesterday, according to what was said in the Palace.

Swirling Notes

It would be enough to round off the failure of all the projects of the Alcocer-López Gatell duo if the national vaccination weeks are not energetically activated, when polio cases are spreading globally. Criminal… The financial journalists affirm that, just as they attribute the increase in tortilla prices to Maseca, they are preparing to blame Bachoco for the cost of the egg… The presidential displeasure with IFETEL is that the creation of the institute took away from the Presidency the power to decide on radio and television concessions… The head of the SEP Leticia Ramírez Amaya will face the resistance of the CNTE of Oaxaca to start face-to-face classes in the schools of the entity… In Deputies the farce of the forums continues for electoral reform… “We are in trouble when we drive into the future looking only through the rearview mirror,” said Marshall McLuhan.

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