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CubaNet journalist denounces use of her US visa in an alleged scam

MIAMI, United States. – The journalist from CubaNet Anay Remón García denounced this Wednesday the use of her US visa, granted in 2018 by the US Consulate in Havana, in an alleged scam.

“Attention all my friends and other readers”, The journalist caught the attention on her Facebook wall. “In less than 24 hours, two people have contacted me privately to ask me if I know a certain Luisa Acosta, a supposed visa manager for the United States. That person, it seems, has spent months on social networks promoting her management and ensuring that she is in direct contact with the United States embassy”.

Remón pointed out that, “by some means that can only be official,” Luisa Acosta received the photo of the visa she obtained in 2018 and which continues to be active even when the Havana regime prevents her from leaving the country.

“I clarify that I have never obtained any visa through third parties, and I alert you to the real possibility of being scammed by this lady or other characters who are dedicated to that,” the journalist wrote.


“I do not know any Luisa Acosta, nor do I deal with this type of person. I also make it clear, and this is important, that only qualified personnel from various consulates in Havana have had access to my passport, and State Security every time it has prevented me from boarding the plane at the ‘José Martí’ International Airport. , under the pretext that I am ‘regulated for reasons of public interest’”, he also explained.

In her publication, the journalist attached images of the profile and publications of Luisa Acosta and asked people to share the complaint.

CubaNet journalist denounces use of her US visa in an alleged scam
One of Luisa Acosta’s publications (Screenshot)

in conversation with CubaNetRemón García confirmed that it was a scam and regretted that there was “so little security in the official channels” to the point of causing leaks of copies of documents without the authorization of their owners.

Anay Remón García is a graduate of Art History from the University of Havana. For four years she was a professor at the Faculty of Arts and Letters. In addition, she worked as a cultural manager in two consecutive editions of the Casa Víctor Hugo Prize of the Office of the Historian of Havana.

He has published essays in specialized journals. Topics, Key code Y Cuban art. Since 2015 she writes for CubaNet bass the pseudonym of Ana León. Since 2018, the Cuban regime has not allowed him to travel outside the country, in retaliation for his journalistic work.

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