Couple linked to quarter-million-dollar scam registered in the United States falls

A Panamanian couple was apprehended this Wednesday by units of the National Police, through “Operation Galatea”, directed against the crime of Money Laundering, in the La Siesta sector, district of Tocumen.

According to the investigations carried out by the Second Specialized Prosecutor’s Office against Organized Crime, the link between both people arises after a scam to the detriment of a US citizen, registered in the United States, and where part of the money swindled from this bank client, referring to the sum of $248,784.24, was deposited into the Panamanian financial system, to commercial accounts where the beneficiaries are those arrested today.

In the course of these investigations and coupled with the development of Operation Galatea, $164,215.63 in bank accounts was confiscated. Said operation also contemplated judicial proceedings in the districts of Arraiján, San Miguelito and Ernesto Córdoba Campos.

Both suspects were sent for the procedures and subsequent guarantee control hearing.

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