Chofer de camión gana 50 millones de pesos y jeepeta con Loteka

Truck driver earns 50 million pesos and jeepeta with Loteka

Daniel Manuel De la Rosa Peña, truck driver for a company in the national district, resident in the Sabana Loss sector in Santo Domingo Norte, received 50 million pesos and a Chevrolet Tahoe jeep that he won with the Megachance of LOTEKA.

Daniel Manuel De la Rosa Peña, who is the father of three children, said he felt grateful to God and to Loteka, since every time he played he did so with the hope that one day his life would change.

In the midst of his joy, he expressed: “One always has the hope that God will give us the opportunity of something, that one will restore everything that one has gone through.”

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Mr. De la Rosa made the winning move on Friday, December 24, practically at the close of sales, at an agency located in Tamarindo, North Santo Domingo. The winning numbers were 08-44-87-76-67.

Describing his winning experience, De la Rosa Peña said that he has always had the opportunity to travel to many provinces, currently working as a driver.

But he assures that the day he made the move he could not travel to Barahona as planned and when he left his partner in Sabana Lost, he came home, checked the ticket, and told a compadre to check because he did not believe what he was Seeing and laughing, he says that his compadre told him “we are crowned”.


Another big winner was Yahaira Caminero, who sold the winning play. Yahaira has been working as a sales representative for thirteen years loteka and will receive half a million pesos as a prize for the sale of the winning ticket.

«My reaction was, oh a winner in my agency, how exciting! I knew there was a prize for selling the winning ticket, but I didn’t know how much.¨

“I was surprised when my sales supervisor told me it was half a million pesos, I had no words, I was like that in shock,” Caminero said.

Caminero added, “I recommend my colleagues to offer the MegaChance game to our clients, which is a game with many opportunities so that they can also win as I have.”

About the Mega Chance

The mega chance of loteka is a popular game that takes place daily through Loteka raffles and with which players could win up to RD$500 million pesos.

All MegaChance plays also participate for free in La Repartidera, in order to opt for more than one million pesos daily in prizes of one thousand pesos.

According to Lic. Edgar Tejada, “the Mega Chance It is the game that returns the most to players in terms of prizes”.

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