In seven minutes agents catch two who stole and fled by motorcycle taxi

In seven minutes agents catch two who stole and fled by motorcycle taxi

Under threats and blows, two thugs snatched a wallet and cell phone from a couple, then escaped in a blue mototaxi. A taxi driver gave the and in seven minutes, the watchmen of El Tambo and a policeman managed to catch two suspects of the robbery, one of them a minor. Inside the smaller unit they found hidden the wallet and cell phone stolen from two university students.

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It was 9:50 p.m. on Thursday, when a call was received alerting that thieves robbed two pedestrians near the Pio Pata boardwalk. Eliana Santos M. (23) and Ángel Hernández P. (19), said that they were on their way to the female’s home, when they were intercepted by the blue mototaxi with license plate 0512 – 3F from which two subjects got off and took a wallet from them and a cell phone valued at more than 800 soles.

The agents quickly began the search and in 7 minutes at Av. JC Mariátegui and Jr. Los Montes they caught the suspects who were reduced and recognized by their victims. Inside the mototaxi that operates in the Tres de Diciembre district, the belongings of the aggrieved were found and other bags could be seen that could belong to other victims.

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To locate the stolen equipment, officers called and found it hidden in the back. When questioned Jheferson Irazabal Unsiguay (18) and his friend with initials EM Ñ. (16), they said a subject who would be the thief took them a career. “The choro got on and has escaped,” they claimed.

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