An act in Atlantis and "the message" from the whites to the FA quartermasters

The Fresh Air sector of the National Party met this Saturday in Atlantis in one more event of the campaign for the non-repeal of the Law of Urgent Consideration (LUC). There, the strategy of the different departments for the March 27 referendum was highlighted, and the main points of the law they defend were discussed.

The mayor of Rocha, Alejo Umpiérrez, explained to The Observer that the departments with nationalist intendancies will focus their government forces on their territories, while the national structure of Aire Fresco will focus its forces on Canelones and Montevideo, with departmental governments of the Broad Front. For this reason, the act in Atlántida is “a message,” according to the mayor, to show that the party is going to place a “special emphasis” on areas where the Broad Front has its mayors.

Umpiérrez indicated that the campaign will be “door to door”, with greater militancy, and will begin with more force after Carnival, between mid-February and early March. According to the departmental chief of Rocha, at the meeting in Atlántida it was seen that “people want to go out and defend the law.”

He described it as a campaign “from less to more”, which began with the nucleus of the main hierarchy of the National Party, today it is in the planning of leaders from all over the country, and later it will be extended to the militancy. “It is a reproduction of the departmental campaigns,” declared the Rochense mayor.

The Undersecretary of Health, José Luis Satdjian, was also present at the event as a member of Aire Fresco, and detailed to The Observer that a “review of the government’s management in these two years” was also made, where security and the management of the pandemic were highlighted.

Yes campaign “sows insecurity”

For Alejo Umpiérrez, the Yes campaign for the repeal of the LUC, promoted by the Broad Front and the PIT-CNT, “sows insecurity” by handling the referendum as a “prophylactic plebiscite” that does not talk about the content of the laws but try to stop the government.

He described the campaign against the laws as “erratic”, and stated that “it must be uncomfortable to discuss a law that has not had cracks in 18 months”.

“The latent schizophrenia in some actors”

Delgado criticized that the Yes to repeal campaign has been “a bit schizophrenic”, and “schizophrenia is latent in some actors”

The Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, was the main speaker at the Atlántida event, which also included the participation of the Ministers of Social Development and Transportation, Martín Lema and José Luis Falero, Senators Graciela Bianchi and Amín Niffouri, and the Deputy Secretary of the Presidency, Rodrigo Ferrés.

In his speech, which lasted about 30 minutes, Delgado criticized that the Yes campaign for the repeal has been “a bit schizophrenic”, and “schizophrenia is latent in some actors”, due to several ups and downs in the opposition’s speech to repeal all 135 items. In addition, the leader explained that “the promoters of the Yes are questioning the ability to govern”, and considered that this “is on the edge of democratic quality”, because it implies not letting them exercise their management.

For Delgado, “there is nothing more important for the government, or for the coalition, or for the National Party, or for Aire Fresco, than to go out and do battle” so that the 135 articles of the LUC are maintained, and for this he maintained that they are going to defend the articles with the “efficiency of the law”, without focusing on the line of the referendum against the government.

The main point of defense that he emphasized was security: “We got a police force with the LUC that recovered its authority and society recovered the police that protect it,” said the secretary, adding that it is a police force “tough with the criminals” and with crimes, but “protects people”.

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