Tropical depression number two continues its “rare” trajectory towards Cuba

He Forecast Center of the Institute of Meteorology de Cuba (INSMET) reports today that on Thursday night tropical depression number two of the cyclonic season, which has just begun, moves south, a rare movement that has continued during the early morning.

According to the tropical cyclone warning released at 6 in the morning, its center was estimated at 26.9 degrees north latitude and 86.5 degrees west longitude, a position located about 540 kilometers west-northwest of Key West, United States and 575 kilometers north-northwest of Cabo San Antonio, Pinar del Río.

From Twitter, the meteorologist Elier Stack cataloged the trajectory of this tropical depression as “rare”, to which he explained that it is “within a current in a cyclonic direction (counterclockwise), in the low and medium levels of the atmosphere, which makes it” move little by little towards the south, in this unusual trajectory”.

At dawn, depression two remained with little change in its organization, with its rainfall areas limited to a small portion of its circulation, to the northeast and separated from its center.

Its maximum sustained winds were 55 kilometers per hour, with higher gusts, a central pressure of 1007 hectoPascal, and it moves slowly south at a rate of 7 kilometers per hour.

In the next 12 to 24 hours, it will continue its movement in a direction between the south and south-southeast, slightly increasing its travel speed, in an environment where conditions are beginning to be unfavorable for its development, so it must maintain its intensity and even begin to weaken during today. The difference in its current intensity, with a very weak tropical storm, is minimal, says Insmet.

Disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico could become the first cyclone of the season

Due to its proximity and future trajectory, although it is a disorganized and weak system that is forecast to have a short life, it is recommended to pay attention to the information that is issued about it.

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