Tools that have allowed millionaire savings to the State

Tools that have allowed millionaire savings to the State

The National Public Procurement Agency -Colombia Compra Eficiente- has created different tools with which considerable savings have been achieved for the Colombian State as the Type Specifications, the Price Framework Agreements and the Demand Aggregation Instruments (IAD). According to the entity’s calculations, only with these three mechanisms, $2 billion pesos have been saved during the last 3 years.

(Colombia Compra Eficiente issues resolution to promote reactivation).


The Department of Social Prosperity -DPS- manages the payment of its social programs with which around 6 million Colombians benefit, through the IAD created by the Agency, concerning Financial Services, within which are the authorized banks by the Financial Superintendence, and the Postal Payment Services, where are the postal operators authorized by the ICT Ministry.

The objective of these Instruments is to disperse resources to programs such as Families on their Land – FEST, Young Transformers, Colombia Mayor and VAT Refund, through competitive prices.

(Transactions by Secop II in 2020 reached $54 billion).

In the case of the Payment Postal Services IAD, the DPS has transacted $2.4 billion pesos for its social programs during the last 3 and a half years; these transactions cost $85,429 million pesos which, without the use of the Instrument, they would have meant $148,572 million pesos; This means that the entity saved more than $63,000 million pesos, which is equivalent to a saving of 42.4% of resources.

Regarding the use of the Financial Services IAD, the DPS has transacted the sum of $6.9 billion pesos in the same period of time; these transactions cost $234,863 million pesos, which would have had a total of $584,697 million without applying the tool.

This means that he saved 59.83% of the money, that is, $349.834 million pesos.

Through the use of these two instruments more than $410 billion pesos were saved, which will be invested in the development of these and other programs that benefit the most vulnerable communities in Colombiaa, which in turn generates a reactivation of the economy and a significant contribution to the progress of the country.


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