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BC will inform widows and orphans about the withdrawal of forgotten values

Available since yesterday (13) at night, the consultation of forgotten values ​​in banks and other financial institutions can be done easily by account holders. Just enter the CPF or CNPJ and the date of birth to find out if there are any residual balances to be withdrawn.BC will inform widows and orphans about the withdrawal of forgotten values

However, what happens if the account holder has died? Will widowers and heirs be entitled to recover the amounts?

Responsible for site that informs about amounts receivable, the Central Bank (BC) informed that it will disclose, in the coming days, the procedures to be followed by legally authorized third parties who want to request the withdrawal of amounts. The guidance will apply to heirs, attorneys, tutors, trustees, administrators and guardians of non-emancipated minors.

As per test report by Brazil Agencythe first step of the query, in which the system informs if there are amounts receivable, can be done by entering the deceased’s CPF.

The second stage, in which the available amount is revealed and a ransom can be requested, cannot be performed. This is because this step would require Login silver or gold on the Portal, in the name of the account holder.

The steps in site from BC are just the first part of the challenge. The withdrawal of accounts of the deceased can only be done by an administrator and with the authorization of the Justice.

If the orphan or widower does not have a ready inventory, it is possible to open the process directly at the registry office, without the need to go to court. In theory, there is a more complicated second stage, which may require authorization from the Court.

The child, brother or widower who wants to have access to the money will need to apply for a permit in court to obtain the birth, death and marriage certificates of the deceased relative.

The documents must be up to date with the date of the withdrawal request. The request for a new issuance can only be made through a lawyer or public defender, based on articles 666 and 725 of the Civil Procedure Code.

Updated certificates are necessary to verify the marriage regime, whether the widower was married with partial or total community property. As with the traditional division of property, the money would be divided according to the deceased’s will. In the absence of a will, each heir would keep his share, with the widower being able to keep half of the amount, depending on the marriage regime.

The Central Bank may adopt simplified procedures to recover the money. This possibility, however, needs to be in line with the legislation, which takes time for the monetary authority to analyze the options before making a decision.

partial balance

According to the Central Bank, until 12 pm today (14), around 20 million individuals and companies had consulted the new platform. Unlike the previous system, which was in the Registrato environment (site that informs the relationship between account holders and financial institutions), the new site will require the creation of a silver or gold level account on Portal to authorize the withdrawal, in case you have forgotten values.


The consultation can be made by any citizen or company at any time. However, if the system reports receivables, users were divided into three groups, based on the date of birth or the date the company was founded.

Anyone who was born before 1968 or who opened the company before that year will be able to know the residual balance and ask for the redemption between March 7th and 11th, on the same date. site. The page itself will inform the time and date to request the withdrawal. If the user misses the time, there will be a repechage on the following Saturday, on March 12, from 4 am to 12 pm.

For people born between 1968 and 1983 or companies founded in this period, the deadline will be from March 14 to 18, with a recap on March 19.

Whoever was born after 1984 or opened a company that year, the date goes from March 21 to 25, with a recap on March 26. The recaps will also take place on Saturdays at the same time, from 4 am to 12 pm.

Anyone who misses the recap Saturday will be able to request the redemption from March 28, regardless of the date of birth or creation of the company.

The BC clarifies that citizens or companies that miss deadlines do not need to worry. The right to receive the funds is definitive and will continue to be held by financial institutions until the account holder requests the withdrawal.

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