Police seize almost 7 tons of drugs in Guayaquil

Police seize almost 7 tons of drugs in Guayaquil

The cocaine found was destined for Belgium. Police investigate whether the discovery is related to the death of two men on a bridge in Durán.

The Police of Ecuador reported this Monday (February 14, 2022) the apprehension in the port of Guayaquil of about 7 tons of drug in thousands of bricks that were destined Belgium for marketing.

As detailed by the institution in a video broadcast on social networks, 7,028 rectangular bundles containing hydrochloride of cocaine and were found inside boxes of banana from exportation.

The value of the narcotic could amount to more than 12,000 million dollars in the international market, which is why the police authorities described the seizure of the stash as “a heavy blow against the drug trafficking«.

The head of the Zone 8 Anti-Drug Unit, Washington Orquera, specified that dogs from the Police National specialized in recognizing the alkaloid, whose blocks had different logos.

Police officers applied “container profiling and inspection techniques” to detect the substances.

The finding could be related to the murder and hanging of two individuals found at dawn in a Durán canton bridgein the same province of Guayas, according to one of the lines of investigation of the Police.

Guayaquil It is currently considered the epicenter of criminal activity in the country, as well as an exit route for the trafficking of psychotropic substances.

So far in 2022, 25 tons of drugs have been seized and in the last year Ecuador broke a record with the seizure of 210 tons, of which 96 were found in Guayaquil, the main commercial port of Ecuador, according to official data from the National Police. EFE


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