Today the sentence will be read against alias ‘Marshall’

This Wednesday, August 03, the sentence will be read against Eduardo Macea Alonzo known as (Marshall), who was convicted of the crime of aggravated possession of drugs (marijuana), product of a discovery in an apartment in Amador, considered casual by his lawyers.

Although at the time it was indicated that Macea Alonzo had an apartment on Isla Naos in Amador, and that the cost ranged between 350,000 and 500,000 dollars, her defense provided a letter from the administration of the PH in which it was clarified that Eduardo Macea Alonzo did not own, rent, or rent the apartment.

According to his lawyers, the property that was raided on the island, specifically apartment E-1, its owner testified, that it was not leased to Eduardo Macea Alonzo and that he did not know him.

Similarly, it was learned that there is already a person convicted of possession of the drug, who would have been recognized by the owner of apartment E-1 as the tenant of the property.

The presentation of expert, documentary and testimonial evidence by the Drug Prosecutor’s Office concluded on July 19 and on July 20 the Oral Trial Court decided to issue a conviction against the accused.

Macea Alonzo’s defense is expected to file the legal appeals allowed by criminal law, once the sentence is known this Wednesday.

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