Marlene Orue; “It’s time to give opportunity to new people”

Marlene Orué, representative of the PLRA, is running for deputation for Central for the Coalition. She affirms that the time has come to refresh national politics with the election of young people and women.

Orué comes from a long party militancy where he held various positions until he ran for an elective position. He belongs to Efraín Alegre’s team.

Who is Marlene Orue?

I am a lawyer by profession, I come from the union, from the student sector, I was a candidate for president of the student center of the Faculty of Law of the National University of Asunción (UNA). My militancy already comes from the student sector. I was also in the Federation of Students, Fenaes, at the time of the struggle to obtain the student ticket.

What were your positions in the PLRA?

At the age of 18, I joined the Liberal Party. I was as a clerk of the electoral court, I won an award as an outstanding young person, precisely because of that student militancy. She had already been a candidate for the Víctor Ríos movement, years ago, she had joined his movement. Now I am as a candidate for deputy for Central.

How did you decide to join the PLRA?

My definition is given because I feel comfortable in liberalism. I believe that freedom and life are two fundamental things, that is why I voluntarily made the decision to join and join the Liberal Party, after leaving Law School. I was in the group promoting parity within the PLRA.

How did you decide to run?

It is a matter of decision of my generation. I think that we young people and women have to encourage ourselves to dispute the spaces, my decision goes through that. It seems to me very important and a priority that, above all, working on parity, that we fight so hard, that it would be nonsense that after winning those rights, we do not run.

Is the interest of women in politics increasing?

Sure, because it’s an opportunity. Before we had a quota of 33%, so women could occupy one place for every three candidates. By incorporating parity, it seems to us that it is the mechanism to encourage female participation. The goal was for more women to have more opportunities to run for office.

What are your political aspirations?

I analyze it step by step, I have a very intense militancy. I was a member of the table, proxy and I was a candidate for the student union, I was part of the electoral court of the party. I am doing this step by step. I decided to follow the long path, which is the path of work and conquering the spaces little by little. I want more young people to do politics.

Why should citizens vote for you?

I think it’s time to give opportunity to new people, new ideas, new figures. People who, although they are not within politics, can contribute something. That is going to refresh party politics, it is going to strengthen the way of consolidating democracy. that there are new referents, new voices from other unconventional sectors.


Full name: Marlene Tatiana Orue Saguier.

Place of birth: Asunción but lives in Fernando de la Mora, south zone, since he was 10 years old.

Date of Birth: October 20, 1982 (39).

Family: He has his mother and two younger brothers. Her father passed away from Covid-19 during the pandemic.

Profession: Lawyer for the UNA.

Hobbies: Animalera, she has two dogs whom she takes to the demonstrations.

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