What are the three soft skills most sought after by recruiters?

What are the three soft skills most sought after by recruiters?

In the country, are in search of new work profiles to adapt to this environment that is increasingly interconnected with the digital, which turns into opportunities and although these are still very scarce.

In a scenario in which the informal employment rate in young people under 24 years of age grew by 31.4% throughout the country during May, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI)soft skills play an important role in improving their opportunities in the formal labor sector.

In that sense María José Gómez, director of the Forge Foundation for Peru, Colombia and Ecuador, he tells us about some soft skills that companies are looking for so that young people can get their first job:

  • Self-knowledge: Beyond the ability to make decisions autonomously, this ability is necessary to be sure of each action that the collaborator performs. Knowing oneself is one more step to achieve professional efficiency. It is for this reason that on many occasions people who have this skill build their work through self-confidence and motivation to achieve their goals.
  • Teamwork: Although it may not seem like it, this skill is one of the most difficult to develop, since you cannot control the emotions, actions or thoughts of the other people who work in the same team. This ability allows personal skills to join together to achieve the same goal. Errors are complemented to improve them and successes to enhance them. More and more professionals are trying to get training or seek help to achieve successful teamwork.
  • Assertive communication: Making requests, setting limits, entering into negotiations and being flexible with some decisions are part of the ability to communicate. However, there are different emotions that make these communications truncated. It is for this reason that the ability to express ideas, feelings and needs in a timely, respectful and honest manner will always be one of the best tools to achieve a relationship of trust with others and achieve goals together.

It should be noted that the Forge Foundation is awarding 800 job training scholarships to young people from Lima and Callao.

This scholarship has a duration of 20 weeks and the modality is virtual. The closing of the call has been extended until August 7.


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