This was the meeting between Petro and Uribe: what did they talk about?

This was the meeting between Petro and Uribe: what did they talk about?

In a building in the north of Bogotá, the elected president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, and the former president of the Republic, Alvaro Uribe, They held the meeting they agreed to a few days ago.

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The political leaders of the Democratic Center and the Historical Pact met in the office of lawyer Héctor Carvajal, with a strong security device. They saw each other from 11 am on Wednesday, July 29, and the appointment lasted about two hours.

As revealed, Initially, Petro and Uribe is foundrum alone and the meeting lasted 30 minutes.

Later, they entered the office. Alfonso Prado, who was head of debate for Petro’s presidential campaign, and were accompanied by Senator CIro Ramirez, Alirio Barrera (former Democratic Center presidential candidate), Nubia Stella Martinez (director of the Democratic Center) and the representative Juan Fernando Espinal who is the spokesman for Uribismo in the Chamber.

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The importance of this appointment was centered on the fact that the president-elect considers that the country must turn the page of the strenuous polarization that prevents consensus to achieve collective benefits.

This is how the meeting was

Once it was official victory in the second presidential round, Petro made an invitation to all political shores to form a great national agreement in which all voices are heard.

On June 24, former President Uribe responded, on Twitter, to that invitation and said: “I appreciate the invitation from President Gustavo Petro. I will attend the meeting on behalf of the Democratic Center. They are different visions of the same country“.

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At those words, Petro said: “Welcome to the era of dialogue that is the basis of all humanity. I appreciate the positive response of former President Uribe and I am sure that Colombia will appreciate that we find common ground for a common homeland“.

It is worth remembering that the same June 19, when Petro won, Uribe wrote that “to defend democracy it is necessary to abide by it. Gustavo Petro is the president. Let a feeling guide us: first Colombia“.

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