This is the 4T plan to revive the passenger train service

This is the 4T plan to revive the passenger train service

The federal deputy of Brunette, Miguel Torruco Garzaunveiled the project for a train network that drives the fourth transformation led by the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and it is intended to be completed in Mexico by the year 2050.

“We are close to making this a reality and returning the passenger trains to our Mexico”, said the legislator in a publication on social networks, where he showed the 11 future railway lines that will connect the entire country by 2050.

The routes would be: pacific trainwith an extension of 4,700 kilometers; Chepe (673 kilometers); western train (2,250 kilometers); eastern train (2.00 kilometers); Cross Train (1,200 kilometers); gulf train (1,650 kilometers); Bajio Train (1,500 kilometers); Downtown Train (1,300 kilometers); Isthmus Train (300 kilometers); Oaxaca Train (750 kilometers) and the flagship work of the current government the mayan train of 1,800 kilometers.

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