Cabinet approves extending economic benefit to the country’s carriers due to the rise in fuel

The Cabinet Council approved this Thursday the draft cabinet resolution 23-22, which modifies Cabinet Resolution 119 of November 17, 2021, which adopts measures to alleviate the impact on users of collective and selective public transport due to the rise in the price of fuel used by carriers in the country.

During the courtesy of the room, Carlos Ordoñez, director of the Land Traffic and Transportation Authority (ATTT), presented before the council of ministers a justification report for the extension of the period for the use of the economic benefit for collective public passenger transport and selective in the Republic of Panama.

It indicated that, of the 71,858 active operation certificates, only 45,584 met the requirements established in Resolution OAL-492 of December 15, 2021, as of December 15, 2021.

Since last December 18, the ATTT reported that the economic benefit for carriers of the collective and selective sector that meet the previously established requirements, would begin on December 20, 2021 and disclosed the steps to follow for registration and access in the digital platform and create the PIN that would give them access for economic benefit.

During the Cabinet Council, the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) was also responsible for presenting the accountability report on the acquisitions made through the special procedure for the acquisition of goods, services or works decreed in Cabinet Resolution 11 of 13 March 2020, which established a national state of emergency.

The Minister of Public Works, Rafael Sabonge, highlighted that the amount allocated to this entity was in the order of B/.8,900,000.00, of which B/.8,059,736.82 were used.

He explained that investment was made in physical infrastructure, civil works for the tomography area, various services, technological infrastructure, rent for screening, among others, most of it in the Panama Solidario Integrated Hospital.

He also presented details of the contracts for the various services that were registered at the time and explained that in PanamaCompra there is all the documentation on the contracts for the construction of this hospital.

He pointed out that the Comptroller’s Office did an examination of the unit cost of this project and concluded that the price was fair and endorsed the contract for the construction of the hospital.

In the month of December of last year, the Cabinet Council authorized lifting the state of emergency and putting an end to the procedure for the acquisition of goods, services and works in accordance with Law 22 of 2006, keeping in force the measures of a social nature, economic and health.

Given this measure, the entities that requested resources for the special emergency procurement procedure in order to meet requirements until December 31, 2021, present a detailed report of the purchases made to the Council of Ministers.

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