Hospital General Pediátrico Niños de Acosta Ñu awarded for a total value of G. 11,189,286,873

Pediatric General Hospital Children of Acosta Ñu awarded for a total value of G. 11,189,286,873 to the Call for Tenders No. 402,751 for the Acquisition of Medical Equipment for the Expansion of Intensive Therapy, Oncology and Hospitalization of the Pediatric General Hospital – Law 6275/19 – Multi-year. For this tender, offers began to be received on Tuesday, November 23, 2021.

In the tender that is within the category Medical and Laboratory Equipment, Products and Instruments. Health Assistance Services 9 companies were benefited. The procedure implemented to carry out the call for bids was National Public Bidding.


The call was submitted by 20 companies, of which finally 9 of them were suppliers of said tender.

  • Dysa Healthcare S.A. represented by Ricardo Hellmers Fonseca for a value of G. 4,514,649,995 with a participation of 40.35% of the total awarded.
  • Infotec SA represented by Gabriel Ávida and Francesca Scavone for a value of G. 1,618,499,988 with a participation of 14.46% of the total awarded.
  • Argon SRL represented by Carlos Roberto González, Oscar Felix Garcete, Nora Elizabeth Pedrozo and Gumercindo Pedrozo Rodríguez for a value of G. 1,289,386,990 with a participation of 11.52% of the total awarded.
  • Professional Electromedical Service SA (Sempro) represented by Luis Hernando Acha Feltes and Ivan Darío Lusichi Saldivar for a value of G. 1,254,000,000 with a participation of 11.21% of the total awarded.
  • Saci Albatross represented by Rolf Walter Thiede Friesen and Paul Matthias Thiede Dichtl for a value of G. 856,010,000 with a participation of 7.65% of the total awarded.
  • Lcm Limited Company represented by Carlos Clari for a value of G. 704,000,000 with a participation of 6.29% of the total awarded.
  • Imese SA represented by Emigdio Elizaur Alfonso and Maria Emilia Elizaur Gaona for a value of G. 400,500,000 with a participation of 3.58% of the total awarded.
  • Euroquimica SA represented by Paola Rienzi Zucolillo and Jorge Vourliotis for a value of G. 392,239,900 with a participation of 3.51% of the total awarded.
  • High Technologies Limited Company represented by Marcos Antoliano Marín Rojas and Lauro Miguel Leguizamon for a value of G. 160,000,000 with a participation of 1.43% of the total awarded.


  • Bioerix SA
  • Casa Boller S.A.
  • Catheters and Related SA
  • Edison SRL
  • Eduardo Elizeche Benitez Sac
  • Falcon Com. & Ind. SA
  • Importadora Euroamericana Sa
  • Medical Supply Limited Company
  • M and F Industrial and Commercial Representations SA
  • Rescorp SA
  • Solumedic SA

Source: DNCP

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