This is how the different dollar prices opened in Argentina this Wednesday, January 25

In Argentina, The blue dollar increased to a new record at the beginning of this Wednesday, January 25. Another four of the six main exchange rates had rises with respect to to last Tuesday 24and the rest fell, according to the economic newspaper El Cronista.

These are the prices at the beginning of this Monday:

Dolar blue

A$377.00 to buy and A$381.00 to sell; an increase of A$5 (1.33%) from the beginning of Tuesday.

Dollar National Bank (BNA)

A$183.50 to buy and A$191.50 to sell; with an increase of 0.13% compared to Tuesday.

tourist dollar

At $383.00 the sale; an increase of 0.13% compared to Tuesday.

wholesale dollar

A$184.49 to buy and A$184.69 to sell; 0.17% above of Tuesday’s value.

Dollar counted with liquidation (cdo c/liq)

A$353.95 to buy and A$364.72 to sell; a decrease of 0.38% compared to what was recorded on Tuesday.

Dollar MEP counted

A$355.19 the purchase and A$356.70 the sale; 0.49% above than registered on Tuesday.

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