They will auction off a lot of Populated Centers to recover the $70,000 million

They will auction off a lot of Populated Centers to recover the $70,000 million

After advancing the corresponding legal processes, the ICT Ministry announced that it will auction off the first of the assets of ICM Ingenieros SAS, a member of the Temporary Union Populated Centers, to recover part of the advance $70 billion.

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According to the portfolio, it is a real estate which is located in the industrial zone of the municipality of Mosquera, Vereda Balsillas, approximately 25 minutes from the main park of the Cundinamarca municipality.

The property has an area of ​​52,932 m2, It has an entrance booth, weighing scale, offices, kitchen, laboratories, bathrooms, hangars and warehouses. It is located on both sides of quarries for the extraction of construction material.

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The property is valued at the sum of 15,772,734,556 million pesos. The base for the auction will be the one that covers 70% of the value of the appraisal, that is, the sum of 11,040,914,189 million pesos”, said the MinTIC, through an official statement.

The auction will begin at 9:00 am on June 23 of this year and, after one hour, the envelopes containing the requirements demanded in the auction will be opened. Law 1564 of 2012, awarding the property to the highest offer in the state in which it is at the time of the auction as a certain body.

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