They managed to reduce "notably" the voracious fire in the Abasto area

They managed to reduce "notably" the voracious fire in the Abasto area

The fire started on a ground floor of the warehouse for reasons that have not yet been reported. Photo: Fernando Gens

The fire in a warehouse in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Balvanera, a few blocks from the Abasto shopping mall, was reduced “notably” in the early hours of the afternoon by several fire crews from the City of Buenos Aires and the only thing left to do is “advance with the fund.” of the place, where work to extinguish the persistent flames is still being carried out, informed the chief of the operation, Walter Martínez.

After 3 p.m., Martínez assured Télam that the fire was reduced “remarkably”, but they still continue with the fire extinguishing tasks since flames persist at the bottom of the burned tank.

The fire that started around 11 in the morning forced the evacuation of dozens of residents, who were now able to return to their homes, although with the precaution of keeping any entry of smoke closed, said agents of the City Government who are working in the place.

In addition, it caused ten people to be treated for smoke inhalation, although without having to be transferred from the place.

The fire broke out in a warehouse that works as a storage located at the intersection of Anchorena and Valentín Gómez streets for reasons that have not yet been reported, and it generated an intense column of black smoke that was visualized from several blocks from the place.

The fire started on a ground floor of the warehouse, 10 meters wide by 5 meters high, according to police sources.

“It is a warehouse with metal storage boxes that are rented. We found fabrics, wood and some electrical appliances in the place. When we arrived we evacuated the company personnel and neighbors from neighboring houses,” Martinez specified.

Photo Fernando Gens
Photo: Fernando Gens

For his part, the head of SAME, Alberto Crescenti, specified that 15 ambulances worked in the place and that ten neighbors were treated for irritation of the respiratory tract and eyes as a result of being affected by the smoke.

However, it indicated that no person was seriously injured or had to be transferred to a hospital: “There is no regret for any victim”.

“There is no regret for any victim,” Crescenti stressed.

In addition to Firefighters and SAME personnel, Civil Defense personnel worked, who had to immediately evacuate dozens of residents from buildings adjacent to the deposit that caught fire.

Photo Fernando Gens
Photo: Fernando Gens

In statements to the TN channel, Crescenti, said that when they arrived at the place they found that the “smoke was very black, very dense.”

The head of SAME added that the smoke affected several neighboring buildings and that the warehouse where the fire originated has a “high fire load.”

In dialogue with the C5N channel, residents of the area – who were evicted from their homes adjacent to the warehouse – assured that they heard noises and screams that warned of the presence of fire, from which they called the firefighters.

Photo Fernando Gens
Photo: Fernando Gens

According to their descriptions, it is a shed without walls that works as storage, where many wooden elements are kept, such as furniture, and also blankets and various fabrics.

A neighbor told the same channel that “this is the third (fire) that we have in this same place,” although the previous ones “were minor.”

The smoke still remains “very dark and thick”, according to the statements of those present.

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