Ghost items case: Joaquín Crapuzzi says his trip was scheduled for eight months

Ghost items case: Joaquín Crapuzzi says his trip was scheduled for eight months

Joaquín Crapuzzi reappears and clarifies the situation regarding his departure from the country.

In the last hours a photograph of the andxMunicipal Secretary of Revenues for the management of Percy Fernández at the Viru Viru airport. This generated controversy in the case of 400 ghost items, a complaint that was opened against municipal officials under the management of former mayor Angélica Sosa.

Hours later, Crapuzzi assured EL DUTY that he is in Panama, for a trip that he had scheduled for eight months. “I had a paid ticket since April for a friend’s wedding. I bought the ticket at an agency and paid for it in installments, “he details.

The ex-authority assured because even before boarding the flight he was not involved in this case, so he had no summons to declare or travel restrictions.

“He who escapes from a country does not leave an airport. Once my vacation ends, in about 10 days, I am willing to declare and support in the investigation process, “said the person who served as Municipal Secretary of Collections (SER) in the last administration of Mayor Percy Fernández.

Hours before the deputy of the Movement To Socialism (MAS), Rolando Cuéllar, announced that will expand the complaint for the alleged phantom items against Crapuzzi.

In addition, Cuéllar said that he will initiate a second investigation for alleged irregular charges in the SER in the management of Crapuzzi.

In the last hours, the version also circulated that the former Finance Secretary of the Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office, Sandra Velarde, tried to travel abroad. However, through a video he assured that he will remain in the country.

Migration Alert against 43 people

The current municipal authorities of Santa Cruz de la Sierra requested before the Public Ministry the declaration of Migration Alert against 43 former Percy Fernández management authorities, including Crapuzzi.

The general director of Legal Affairs, Ever Mérida indicated that the memorial was presented in order to guarantee that these people respond to the case opened in the Prosecutor’s Office.

“The request was made so that they remain in the country, then the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office will define if they are summoned to testify. This group of people is strategic in the investigation, they must answer to justice, “he said.

The list is made up of the secretaries of the last ten years, including José Salvador Canudas, who faced a process for the drone case; Boris Salomón, who assumed the Planning Secretariat in 2014; and Raúl Hevia, who held the health portfolio, but left the management of the interim mayor of Angélica Sosa more than a year ago.

Among those closest to Sosa are Sandra Velarde, secretary of Planning and in recent years of Finance; Roberto Áñez, who served as Secretary of Parks and Gardens; Rolando Ribera from Movilidad Urbana and Desirée Bravo.

The list also includes secretaries from the last administration of Mayor Percy Fernández, who also accompanied Sosa’s interim. Between these Jorge Landívar, who served as Secretary of Institutional Management in Fernández’s last administration; Merlin Melgar, who joined when the Youth Secretariat was created, and Ezequiel Serres, who served as Communications Secretary; among others.

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