They kill colmadero in an apparent robbery

They kill colmadero in an apparent robbery

Santiago. A colmadero was shot dead in an apparent robbery that occurred Thursday night in the Arroyo Hondo Abajo sector, south of the municipality.

The merchant identified as José Alberto García (Víctor), has three bullet wounds caused by at least six men who appeared on three motorcycles. The individuals were said to have remained in the establishment for less than 30 seconds, and apparently were unable to carry the money that Garcia had in his pockets.

The merchant was also engaged in the work of a moneylender, so the authorities are investigating whether it was a possible contract killing. In another fact, the police investigate the death by firearm wound of the young Manuel de Jesús Contreras, 20 years old, caused by unknown persons, in an event that occurred last night in the Nibaje sector in La Vega.

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