They investigate the 18 Deportivo Cali fans detained in the Boca preview

They investigate the 18 Deportivo Cali fans detained in the Boca preview

The 18 fans of Deportivo Cali who were arrested in Puerto Madero with knives and knives hours before the start of the Copa Libertadores match against Boca Juniors were transferred this Friday to be investigated by the Justice, police and judicial sources reported

The detainees spent the night in different offices of the City Police and from the morning they were transferred to the East Flagrancy Unit to be investigated by the assistant prosecutor Carlos Caputo, who will then decide whether to grant them their release and they can return to their country.

The operation in which they were arrested was carried out yesterday around 5:00 p.m. at the corner of Grierson and Avenida de los Italianos, in the Puerto Madero area, by personnel from the Criminal Conduct Division of the Police Sporting Events Directorate. from the city.

There they were kidnapped around 20 white weapons, including blades, knives of different types and knives, as well as dozens of bottles.

These 18 detainees They join eight others who had been arrested on Wednesday night for carrying “knives, machetes and penknives” in the vicinity of the Buenos Aires Obeliskwhere they had concentrated to participate in a support flag for the Deportivo Cali team.

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The security forces paid special attention to the movements of the Colombian fans after what happened that same Wednesday in a train formation of the Roca Railway, at the Gerli station, where eight supporters of the “Green” were ambushed, beaten and cut by barrabravas from Racing Club.

The members of the “academic” bar had threatened their Colombian peers on social networks, based on the latter’s theft of a flag from Burzaco-resident fans, perpetrated last week in the Cilindro de Avellaneda itself.

Marcelo D’Alessandro, Minister of Justice and Security of Buenos Aires, assured on Radio La Red that with the arrests “a massacre was avoided” and that, based on the arrests, “the resources of the National State will be activated to prevent these violent enter the country with impunity.

“There are some residents and others who came especially to watch the game. For those who have residence, we are going to ask Immigration to review the situation in the event that they are processing it. That records be requested from their native country because, I insist, They are people who have butcher knives, mittens, sticks… We are talking about very violent people and we are going to request deportation.”

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