President says he will propose to Biden to keep policies dealt with Trump

President Jair Bolsonaro said today (27) that he wants to keep the policies defined by the Brazilian government with former President Donald Trump. Bolsonaro will meet the current US president, Joe Biden, at the 9th Summit of the Americas, to be held from June 6 to 10, in Los Angeles, United States.President says he will propose to Biden to keep policies dealt with TrumpPresident says he will propose to Biden to keep policies dealt with Trump

“I will have a bilateral audience with Biden at the Summit of the Americas to talk about Brazil and what I had dealt with [Donald] Trump [antecessor de Biden]to continue this policy for the good of our people,” Bolsonaro said in a speech during the 48th Extraordinary General Assembly of the National Convention of the Assemblies of God of the Ministry of Madureira (Conamad), in Goiânia (GO).

Bolsonaro added that, among the last Brazilian heads of state, he is “the one who most respects and admires the American people”.

Some details of the meeting between the two presidents were advanced in a statement from the United States Embassy in Brazil, after a meeting between Bolsonaro and the special adviser to the United States (US) government for the 9th Summit of the Americas, Christopher Dodd, a former senator. by the Democratic Party.

In the statement, Dodd cited the main themes that will be discussed during the event and reinforced the importance of the presence of Brazil. “The Summit of the Americas will focus on some of the most important and shared issues across the hemisphere, such as ensuring that democracy is a reality for every country, our shared climate goals, a more collaborative response to Covid-19 and the depth of organized crime and economic instability.”

According to Dodd, Brazil has much to contribute on these issues with the other presidents of the countries of the Americas that will participate in the Summit. “We highly value Brazil’s voice as we discuss solutions that will help build better lives for the people of our hemisphere,” she said.


At the event, Bolsonaro also commented on the conversation he had with Russian President Vladimir Putin, on his trip to Russia in February. According to the president, he was informed that the great powers tried to raise the issue of the “relativization of Brazilian sovereignty” over the Amazon. The issue, according to Bolsonaro, only did not advance thanks to the intervention of the Russian president.

“We soldiers swore to give our lives for our homeland. Sometimes we have to prove whether or not the oath was for real”, said the president.

“We must, therefore, show everyone that this Brazil is ours. We cannot hand sovereignty over to anyone,” she added.

“In the meeting I had with Putin, he said that, at the meeting of the great powers, they began to discuss the relativization of sovereignty over the Amazon. He then, with the veto power he had, said that the Amazon belongs to Brazilians, and that this matter is not on the agenda”, revealed the Brazilian president.

Bolsonaro added that many of the “others who say they are on our side” are precisely those with an eye on the Amazon. “We know how important she is and what she represents to the world. There are no giraffes or hippos there. What they want are other things.”

The president defended that the country adopt a differentiated strategy for the use of the wealth of the Amazon, in order to add value to the natural wealth that is found there. “Enough of delivering what we have in natura. Enough of exporting iron ore ships so we can receive canoes from laptops or handful of chips. What we export is finite”, he argued.

Indigenous Lands

Bolsonaro returned to criticize the new timeframe for the demarcation of indigenous landsa matter that is being considered by the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

The STF started, in August of last year, the judgment of an action that may increase the number of indigenous lands in the country, beyond those occupied or in judicial dispute on the date of promulgation of the 1988 Constitution.

“The STF started voting, which is 1 to 1, to re-discuss a new time frame for indigenous issues. According to the 1988 Constitution, indigenous lands belong to those who occupied them that year. This new time frame says that if an indigenous person occupies your site, today, the site becomes indigenous land,” the president told the Conamad audience.

He said he had “hundreds of requests for demarcation of indigenous lands” after 1988 on his desk. “I could go on, but I’m complying with the Constitution.”

two alternatives

“Now pay attention to what I’m going to say: if the STF decides on the new milestone, these hundreds of requests to demarcate indigenous land will have to be put forward. This means rescheduling the equivalent of a southern region of Brazil,” Bolsonaro said. “And, due to the geographical location of these areas, we canceled out another area the size of the state of São Paulo. In other words, it ends our economy and our food security,” he added.

“I only have two alternatives left: get the keys to the Presidency, address the president of the STF and tell him to administer Brazil, or say: I will not comply”, he added.

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