They install a national dialogue table in favor of transport and users

This afternoon the Land Transit and Transportation Authority (ATTT) began the first extraordinary session of the national dialogue table in favor of transportation and users.

At this table they will focus on finding alternatives or possible solutions to face the increase in fuel prices, which have caused various protests by transport sectors and civil society that have requested the freezing of prices for this item.

Representatives of users, carriers and authorities participate in this dialogue table.

Administrative process

An administrative process was opened by the Land Transit and Transportation Authority, in which the driver of a bus on the Burunga route in Arraiján could lose his operating certificate after he physically assaulted a passenger for refusing to pay an additional fee. legal cost of the ticket.
According to the director of the ATTT, Carlos Ordóñez, after identifying both the borrower and the driver of this bus, the administrative process began.

He assured that these actions are unacceptable and exemplary measures must be taken so that they are not repeated. He stressed that they are currently at the dialogue table, so he asked carriers and users to remain calm and avoid confrontations.

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