Deputies acknowledge that they receive "dirty" money

Deputies acknowledge that they receive “dirty” money

During the ordinary session of the Lower House, the deputies discussed the attack suffered by Marcelo Pecci on Tuesday morning.

Basilio “Bachi” Núñez, national deputy for the ANR “Honor Colorado”, said that Pecci was fighting organized crime and doing a very good job.
He recalled the expressions of Pecci himself when the possibility of impeachment against the Attorney General of the State was raised in Congress. “In a state of law, electoral disputes are common; the political height of the leaders and the maturity of the population weigh their level. Strike down the institutionality of the justice system to obtain or exercise power, it is lethal for democracy.” He argued that 99% of deputies receive money or some kind of benefit from organized crime.

“We deputies continue like this. We don’t see anything. Budget is coming for the Prosecutor’s Office and we reject it. We see the smuggling that takes place from Paraguay to Brazil, but we do not see the smuggling that happens on June 12 with 40 trucks. Smuggling precedes laundering,” he stated.

He requested on more than one occasion that the budget of the Public Ministry be increased in order to provide prosecutors with security. He pointed out that historically, part of the budget has been cut from the Attorney General’s Office.

Celeste Amarilla, a national deputy for the PLRA (bench D), affirmed that legislators receive money from organized crime, but then they pretend that they are not killed.

“We are in a Colombianized Paraguay. We are experiencing the same thing that Colombia experienced. I only hope to have the same results because Colombia is coming out ahead. The hired killers arrived in Asunción, in San Bernardino, now they follow us everywhere. There is no place where they cannot find us,” he warned. Antonio Buzarquis, national deputy for the PLRA, expressed on his part that everyone rushed to send their condolences, the states, pages and publications, including the Public Ministry. However, many are hypocrites because the one who manages the Prosecutor’s Office is managed by a certain group of power.
“Could the Prosecutor’s Office take care of the safety of one of its best officials? National Police Intelligence must have known something. In whose hands is it? They are the same as always, who have been running the country for years. They can’t show up outraged at Pecci’s murder. Not only the hit men but also the hypocrisy is responsible, ”he pointed out.


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