They inaugurate new lights in the Riccheri and announce a lighting plan on routes in the country

They inaugurate new lights in the Riccheri and announce a lighting plan on routes in the country

Photo: Ministry of Public Works Press

The Minister of Public Works of the Nation, Gabriel Katopodis, inaugurated the new lighting of the Pablo Riccheri highway that connects the City of Buenos Aires with the Ezeiza-Cañuelas highwayduring an act in which also a plan was announced that contemplates bringing this lighting technology to all the routes managed by the public company Corredores Viales SA.

“It is a present State that can manage the routes in a more efficient way and guarantee that this corridor is illuminated today. We are committed to arriving with more road works so that the routes and roads are in the best conditions for the development of the entire Argentina,” said Katopodis.

“This is the expression of what public works mean for Peronism. President Alberto Fernández conveys to us every day the decision to work to guarantee rights and make our people happy.” the minister added.

Katopodis was accompanied by the head of Corredores Viales, Gonzalo Atanasof, the administrator of National Roads, Gustavo Arrieta, the mayors of Ezeiza, Gastón Granados and Cañuelas, Marisa Fassi, as well as the Deputy Secretary of Supba, Facundo Moyano.

On the Riccheri highway, 2,400 lights with LED technology were installed to increase road safety and reduce electricity consumption with an investment of 210 million pesos.

Gabriel Katopodis Archive Photo
Gabriel Katopodis. Photo: file.

“This reconversion allows visibility to be increased through a clear and bright light with immediate ignition avoiding flickering, lower energy consumption and less waste generation, since its useful life is longer and it is the first work of a plan that contemplates 13 more in 9 provinces,” said the Ministry of Public Works.

The next lights will be installed on routes 9, 8, 7, 12, 19, 5, 3, 188, 205, 226, the Rosario ring road and the Ezeiza-Cañuelas, Buenos Aires – Rosario and Rosario – Córdoba highways and on 316 roundabouts, intersections and distributors. They will have a remote monitoring system (SIT) that allows knowing the status of the lights from a control room.

Safer transit and energy savings of 60 percent will benefit the provinces of Mendoza, Santiago del Estero, Jujuy, Tucumán, Chaco, Misiones, Córdoba, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires.

“We are investing 3,500 million pesos in a plan that contemplates modernizing national routes, lighting an extension of 11,695 kilometers, adding both directions of the trace, intersections and roundabouts. A better lit route has a direct impact by improving road accident rates” Atanasof stated.

“That is why you will see us carrying out this type of works as a priority where before there was only business intention and now there is, above all, the care of life,” he stressed.

This Works Plan includes the conversion to LED technology of 24,000 lights and equipment along 11,695 kilometers, since they will be installed in both directions and at crossroads and roundabouts.

With this technology, the quality of lighting is improved, the cost of electricity service and the environmental impact are reduced.

The works are part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015, and in particular in the Sustainable Development Goal No. 12, aimed at guaranteeing patterns of consumption and production sustainable, promoting -among other issues- sustainable public procurement practices.

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