"Monomers in the hands of Guaidó disappeared": Luis Fernando Velasco

"Monomers in the hands of Guaidó disappeared": Luis Fernando Velasco

Luis Fernando Velascocoordinator of President-elect Gustavo Petro’s team for the Administrative Department of the Presidency (DAPRE), He expressed his concern about the way he was handled. Juan Guaidó to the Monómeros company.

After advancing a joint meeting with the current government, Velasco assured that the company in the hands of Guaidó disappeared.

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“I have a great concern, that Monómeros is still in the hands of Guaidó and that is a concern, Monomers in the hands of Guaidó was a disaster, it disappeared”, Velasco said.

He added that the mismanagement of the company is affecting the population, “look at what is happening to us please, ask our peasants, ask our farmers, it is not being produced and we are buying three times what the inputs were bought In that we are very rigorous and of course we have a great concern, it is that we cannot continue talking with ghosts that do not exist, “he said.

The elected president, Gustavo Petro, also referred to the company and indicated that what the aim is to maintain it to bring urea at reasonable prices.

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