They impute the deputy of Cree for the alleged scratch of 2021 to the masista Héctor Arce

They impute the deputy of Cree for the alleged scratch of 2021 to the masista Héctor Arce

August 17, 2022, 9:37 PM

August 17, 2022, 9:37 PM

The Prosecutor’s Office officially charged deputy Tatiana Añez (We believe) for the crime of serious and minor injuries. This is due to the complaint of his colleague Héctor Arce (MAS), who he accused her of having injured him with a scratch on the neck during a session in the Assembly in November 2021.

The Prosecutor’s Office is also asking the jurisdictional authority to impose precautionary measures to the opposition deputy as a presentation every 15 days before the Public Ministry and the arraigo, to prohibit him from leaving the country without prior judicial authorization.

The altercation would have occurred in the middle of the management report session of President Luis Arce, when the opponents protested against the president and the ruling party tried to defend him.

Deputy Héctor Arce denounced at that time that his colleague Tatiana Añez “scratched” his neck and tried to strangle him. In response, Añez accused him of grabbing her arm and punching her in the stomach.

Due to this supposed act of violence, the parliamentarian Héctor Arce received five days of impediment physical after an assessment carried out by the Forensic Research Institute (IDIF), while deputy Añez received four.

“At about 11:00 in the morning, the deputy Añez violently goes towards the front. Seeing that a few days ago they aggressively took the front, well, my person, to prevent our brother Luis Arce Catacora from reaching , who was presenting her report, I stood in front of her. with his arm he took me from here, by the neck, for 10 or 15 seconds, and I felt that I was short of breath. Then he let go of me and there he gave me these scratches. There were three scratches, one on the face. For that reason, a precedent must be set,” Arce said in November.

Deputy Añez criticized the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office and denounced that his medical certificate was not taken into account that accredited his injuries suffered in the session. He indicated that the document was rejected because the examination would have been done two days after the fact.

“They ask for roots, that I appear every 15 days before the Prosecutor’s Office of the city of La Paz, when my private address is in Cotoca. If I don’t sign every 15 days, if I don’t comply, I’m going to be arrested. There is use of influence”, explained the deputy Añez, who regretted that justice acts at the request of the MAS.

yesAccording to the deputy, the prosecutor’s request violates article 152 of the Political Constitution of the State, which establishes that “assembly members shall not enjoy immunity,” but “During their mandate, in criminal proceedings, the precautionary measure of preventive detention will not be applied to them, except in flagrante delicto.”

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