Bolsonaro promises to keep federal fuel taxes zero

Bolsonaro promises to keep federal fuel taxes zero

Candidate for re-election by the PL, President Jair Bolsonaro promised to maintain the exemption of federal taxes on gasoline, alcohol, diesel and cooking gas next year.Bolsonaro promises to keep federal fuel taxes zero

In a meeting with mayors, earlier this evening (17), in Brasília, Bolsonaro said he had discussed the matter with the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes.

“Today I had another conversation with part of the economic team at [ministro da Economia] Paulo Guedes on the PLOA [Projeto de Lei Orçamentária Anual], our budget for the coming year. We guarantee to continue next year with zero federal taxes on gasoline, diesel, alcohol and cooking gas,” Bolsonaro said during the meeting.

A supplementary bill, passed in Congress in June until December 31, 2022, zeroed the Cide-Fuel rates and the taxation of the Social Integration Program (PIS) and Social Security Financing Contribution (Cofins) levied on gasoline. Diesel and cooking gas already have these taxes zeroed. According to the president’s promise, these rates would remain at zero in 2023.

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Bolsonaro spoke to an audience of mayors in the auditorium of a hotel in Brasília. Also present were Senator Eduardo Gomes (PL-TO), currently on leave of absence, and Federal Deputy Flávia Arruda (PL-DF), who was Minister of the Secretariat of Government. In his speech, the reelection candidate promised to grant readjustments to public servants in 2023, but did not define a percentage.

The candidate for reelection also said that he will evaluate with his economic team the possibility of maintaining the amount of R$ 600 of Auxílio Brasil. Currently, this amount is guaranteed until December 31. Then it goes back to the original R$ 400. Bolsonaro said he will assess the possibility “within responsibility” to avoid inflation.

“I talked to Minister Paulo Guedes, also within the responsibility, we are going to help the parliament so we can make this value of R$ 600 definitive from 2023. I’m sure the parliament will be present. Again, responsibly. If we do it without responsibility, the dollar will go up, so will inflation”.

After the event, speaking to journalists, Bolsonaro indicated that he should send, after the elections, a Proposal for an Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) to Congress to make the Auxílio Brasil value of R$ 600 definitive.

The original Auxílio Brasil amount is R$ 400, but the National Congress approved a PEC, enacted on July 14, which increases the benefit by R$ 200 until the end of the year, in addition to granting an aid of R$ 1 thousand to truck drivers, a benefit for taxi drivers, double the value of the gas voucher and reinforce the Alimenta Brasil program, among other benefits. The creation of benefits was possible with the creation of a state of emergency until the end of the year.

Tomorrow (18) Bolsonaro visits the Technological Park in São José dos Campos (SP), where he will host a series of events. He visits Cemaden (a natural disaster monitoring center, a federal government agency), and participates in an event on innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in Brazil.

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