They identify the body found with signs of violence on the Sancti Spíritus bridge

Mexico City, Mexico.- On May 27 in the province of Sancti Spiritus, On a bridge, a corpse was found in an advanced state of decomposition.

According to the information provided by the Internet user Néstor Estevez, the victim has been identified as Yadiel Manguela, a young man who lived in the Toyos neighborhood of the city of Sancti Spiritus.

“Thanks to the collaboration of several people from Sancti Spiritus during the afternoon of today, June 2, we have been able to identify the man who was found in a state of decomposition,” he said.

They identify the body found with signs of violence on the Sancti Spíritus bridge

“Yadiel Manguela was a young man loved by everyone in his neighborhood, he was driving a black tricycle with a green roof with which he left his father’s house on May 22 in the Colón neighborhood without a specific destination. He was seen that same night for the last time in the area of ​​the old terminal, an appointment at Carretera Central and Circunvalación, ”Estévez published.

His disappearance was reported on May 24, when family and friends clamored for information to find his whereabouts.

Estévez explained that his body was found “in deplorable conditions and with signs of violence unpronounceable in an article, hanging from the bridge that crosses the Yayabo River before reaching the old El Jíbaro highway.”

The vehicle the victim was driving has not been found.

Just a few days ago they handed down a sentence against the professor’s murderers Santiago Morgado, who was murdered to steal a motorcycle, when he was 62 years old, at the beginning of July 2022 in the same city. The criminals were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Estevez, administrator of the Facebook page, “Sancti Spíritus, my city”, advised his neighbors to be prudent and stay alert. “What the population must take into account is the same thing that I told them last July 2022: A MURDERER IS ON THE LOOSE. Not to be scared, but to be safe. Caution should be exercised until the top brass stop chasing lemon resellers and capture the criminals,” he concluded.

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