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They evacuate a hotel in Havana due to a false bomb warning

Clients and workers of the Hotel Tulipán, located in Nuevo Vedado, in Havana, were evacuated for nearly two hours this Sunday night after receiving an alleged bomb warning.

The event occurred around 10:00 p.m., when a call was received at the hotel to warn about the placement of an explosive in the building, according to the agency. Eph a downtown worker.

At 11:44 p.m., and according to a cable from this agency, the Cuban Television information system reported that no suspicious artifact had been found, and according to the official website Cubadebatewhich quoted a post from the website Razones de Cuba, the call came from the United States.

The note also condemned the fact that media “financed by the US” are trying to generate “panic”. “After several attempts to boycott tourism, now they are resuming old methods to create panic in the population,” reads the Reasons for Cuba profile.

The Hotel Tulipán is located in an area close to the Palace of the Revolution, seat of the Cuban Government, as well as various ministries. The Industriales baseball team was staying at the establishment, as well as a basketball team, according to data provided by the official newspaper Granma, during a live broadcast from Facebook.

Police teams moved to the scene to cordon off the area. Specialists from the Ministry of the Interior inspected the facilities and found nothing suspicious, the source recalls. For security reasons, everyone in the building was ordered to leave.

The tourism sector is key to the Cuban economy, which is going through a serious crisis, and security is one of the attributes with which the Cuban Government highlights this industry, recalls Eph.


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