More than 50 people reported as missing voted in the presidential elections

More than 50 people reported as missing voted in the presidential elections

Attorney General Francisco Barbosa delivered a balance after the electoral day in which more than 5 thousand civil servants of the investigative entity attended the 32 departments of the country to guarantee security.

“We captured 85 people, of these 81 correspond to court orders for different illicit behaviors in a multiplicity of departments of the country: Casanare, Arauca, North Santander…”, explained the prosecutor.

Also, indicated that the other four arrests were presumed electoral facts as personal falsehood and constraint to the voter.

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On the other hand, Barbosa spoke about the number of disappeared persons who were participating in the election day and announced that the respective procedures were initiated to clarify each situation.

“Fifty people who had been reported missing showed up at the polling station in Casanare, Antioquia, Risaralda, Huila Cundinamarca, among other departments”, the official stressed.

This figure is added to the 35 who had already appeared at the polls in the legislative elections, with which the total number of cases is 85.

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The Prosecutor’s Office also revealed that during the first round presidential elections there were 19 effects on public order in 10 departments of the country.

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