They denounce long queues to fill gasoline in the state of Bolívar

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Yamileth Geara, municipal president of Alianza Bravo Pueblo, denounced this Monday the long queues to fill gasoline in the Here municipality, in Bolívar state.

The leader, in a video that circulated on Twitter and that also published The former mayor of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma, urged the governor of the entity, Ángel Marcano, to respond to the persistent problem suffered by the inhabitants of that town.

“Until when (…) Enough of lying to the people, Mr. Governor, solutions on gasoline in Bolívar state,” he said.

«Anti-mafia plan»

The authorities launched an operation so-called “anti-mafia plan” aimed at combating gasoline smuggling at service stations.

The Oil Minister, Tareck el Aisaami, reported that one of the gasoline smuggling mafias in the state of Táchira has been dismantled.

He indicated that in the illegal deposit used to store the stolen fuel, 100,000 liters of gasoline were found in improvised tanks, as well as equipment used for transferring, hoses and motor pumps.

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