They denounce ill-treatment and psychological torture against the political prisoner Edward Lacayo

They denounce ill-treatment and psychological torture against the political prisoner Edward Lacayo

Relatives of the political prisoner Edward Lacayoknown as “La Loba”, denounced that their relative is still confined in a punishment cell and that, for several months, he has only received a part of the parcel that —with great sacrifice— they send him every 15 days to the Penitentiary System National Jorge Navarro, known as La Modelo, where he has been held for four years.

“La Loba” is also not allowed to be visited by her two daughters, much less have a conjugal visit. The only person authorized to visit him is his mother, Estela Rodríguez, a 74-year-old woman who suffers from osteoporosis and who uses a cane to walk. Even so, every 15 days she brings the sack of provisions with the hope that her son will receive it.

However, in the Penitentiary System “they stole my brother’s parcel,” he denounced Karen Lacayo, sister of the political prisoner, Edward Lacayo. “Nothing happens to him and they don’t take him to the doctor, not even because he is a diabetic person.” In addition, he is being the victim of a type of “psychological torture”, she stressed.

“There is a common prisoner who is with him in the same cell, who is apparently close to the Government, to whom everything happens. He eats his three meals, they give him everything, meat, steak, everything, in front of my brother. So that is a psychological torture that they do to my brother”, Lacayo valued.

Lacayo also indicated that “La Loba” is “psychologically ill”, since “he wants to see my brother”, but the prison does not allow more relatives to enter.

There was no special Christmas visit

Lacayo also highlighted that contrary to what happened in the Judicial Assistance Directorate, known as El Chipote, —where the regime authorized a series of special visits on the occasion of the festivities of La Griteria, Christmas and New Year— In La Modelo there were no special visits. The prisoners of conscience only saw their relatives on the day of the regular visit.

“His visit (‘La Loba) was on December 21, but at no time did they tell my mother to arrive on December 24, that supposedly they were going to give a special visit to the political hostages,” explained the sister. of the political prisoner.

The sister of the political prisoner also explained that her relative continues “in precarious conditions” and that the prison authorities do not allow her to have any type of sheet or mat or shoes.

“They have only let him through two underwear, they do not let him through shirts. My mom sent him some tennis shoes and they didn’t let him pass, he’s barefoot,” Lacayo said.

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