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They convene an emergency session of the Full Chamber of the TSJ

They convene an emergency session of the Full Chamber of the TSJ

Judge Gladys Gutiérrez brought forward for this Tuesday the session of the Full Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) that was scheduled to be held tomorrow, Wednesday, according to judicial sources.

Apparently, the Plenary Chamber will debate a request sent by the Public Ministry related to the lifting of parliamentary immunity.

So far it is known of the arrest of deputy Hugbel Roa (Psuv-Trujillo), an event that occurred last Sunday afternoon according to sources from the National Anti-Corruption Police. Roa is pointed out as an alleged operator of the oil industry and especially with the state-owned Petrocedeño.

He is also being investigated for alleged money laundering, a crime in which he allegedly has a network of partners with multiple businesses; one of them identified as Daniel Prieto Prieto, captured this Tuesday when he tried to flee by air, according to police sources.

In order to criminally prosecute Roa, the constitutional privilege of parliamentary immunity must be lifted, a situation authorized by the Plenary Chamber of the TSJ. Once the High Court authorizes it, it is up to the National Assembly to proceed with the lifting of immunity during a session. And it is from there when Roa or any other senior official can be criminally prosecuted as a citizen without any legal privilege, as stated in the Magna Carta.

This Tuesday’s session of the National Assembly debates an agreement to support the latest actions carried out by the National Anti-Corruption Police.

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