They commemorate the 184th anniversary of the formation of La Trinitaria

They commemorate the 184th anniversary of the formation of La Trinitaria

With the sliding of figures of Los Trinitarios in the Plaza Juan Pablo Duarte in Santo Domingo East the National Council of National Anniversaries and the mayor’s office of that municipality commemorated this Saturday the 184th anniversary of the founding of the secret society The Trinity.

The figures, sculpted by the sculptor Javier Benitezare located on the cobblestones that surround the La Dramática amphitheater, located where Las Américas Avenue and the San Isidro highway converge.

The activity, which was attended by dozens of students, community leaders and various people from the municipality, was headed by the mayor of Santo Domingo East, Manuel Jimenez; the president of the permanent commission of National Anniversaries, Juan Pablo Uribe; and the president of the Diuartiano Institute, Wilson Gómez.

Manuel Jiménez said that the initiative is part of the idea that he has had for 10 years, that this municipality be called Trinitarian Cityfor which he had processed from the seat he held as deputy that that demarcation be renamed.

He maintained that the square will have a mobile application where its visitors will be able to know the history of each one of the members of The Trinity.

Wilson Gómez stated that “the work is transcendent because it revives the conscience of the residents of that municipality and highlights the memory of Los Trinitarios.”

While Juan Pablo Uribe said “that giving life to the faces of the heroes of The Trinity It is a sense of Dominican and homeland of immense value”.

In the act there were diverse artistic presentations, among them the dramatization of the formation of The Trinity by the Theater Group of the City Council of Santo Domingo East.

ask to change name

In the act, the neighborhood councils of the municipality formally made the request to the mayor Manuel Jiménez of the request that it be called Ciudad The Trinitywhich was delivered to deputy Alexis Jiménez, so that he can take the necessary steps for that purpose in the National Congress.

On The Trinity

the secret society The Trinity It was created on July 16, 1838, under the leadership of Juan Pablo Duarte and emerged with the aim of making the eastern part of Hispaniola independent of the Haitian occupation and forming the independent state that would be called the Dominican Republic.

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