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They carry out business for more than RD$300 million at the Agricultural Fair

The National Grape Institute (Inuva), exhibits production of Creole wines.
The event, which began on Friday the 18th of this month and ended yesterday, exhibited Creole products at popular prices

At the end of the 2022 National Agricultural Fair that was held in the Livestock City of Santo Domingo, the National Livestock Board (PNG) described the event as successful.

He reported that global businesses were made above 300 million pesos and a record participation of the last 35 years.

Nelson Landestoy, Director of Events for the PNG, said that an analysis by the event organizers revealed that the enthusiasm and participation in the 2022 fair is only compared to the 1988 event.

“This year we had peak figures in student visits. During the last 10 years, the average number of student visits at each fair was between 20 and 22 thousand students, but this year it exceeded fifty thousand students, including a peak day of 15 thousand 900 students, while the minimum was around 11 thousand,” Landestoy said.

Mariel Frías, in charge of Agribusiness and Marketing of the Ministry of Agriculture, highlighted that on this occasion, national producers who had not participated for two years had the opportunity to offer products such as coffee, cocoa, fruit varieties, and gluten.

Cosmetics derived from coconut, artisanal cassava, strawberries, grapes, watermelons, oranges and pineapples, among other products, offered by 30 agricultural producers, were also exhibited in the producers’ pavilion.

animal exhibit

The Fair had a total of 1,422 animals on display, including beef and dairy cattle, goats and horses.
One of the main attractions of the fair has been, as reported, the livestock auction, in which Bagrícola received funding requests for just over RD$3.5 million.

The event was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Dominican Agrarian Institute (IAD), the Special Fund for Agricultural Development (FEDA), the National Council for the Regulation and Promotion of the Dairy Industry (Conaleche) and the Presidency of the Republic .

Likewise, it had popular markets managed by the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Institute for Price Stabilization (Inespre), in the same way the private sector agribusiness companies were selling their products at fair prices throughout the week.

Landestoy indicated that according to reports they all sold above expectations.

zero rate

The Agricultural Bank (Bagricola) financed with special rates the purchase of animals and agricultural equipment, disposing of 100 million pesos to lend them at zero rate to meat, milk and egg producers.

The 2022 National Agricultural Fair was inaugurated, with the presence of President Luis Abinader, with Colombia as the guest country.

Agriculture in the DR has been transformed

The Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz, has reiterated that agricultural production has achieved an eminent and visible transformation, promoting development in the provinces, which is evident in the fairs.

He points out that this is due to the fact that agricultural producers have benefited from economic financing, donation of seeds, plowing of land, repair of local roads, delivery of titles and implementation of new technologies to achieve products of higher quality and quantity.

This year the sale of Creole and industrialized products at low cost and of improved quality was highlighted with the interest that they be acquired by the population. In addition, the exhibition of equipment and designs of livestock and agricultural companies.

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