Produce delivers funds of up to S/ 450,000 to reactivate the market

Produce delivers funds of up to S/ 450,000 to reactivate the market

Companies of all sizes and productive sectors with sales above zero in 2021 will be able to access funds of up to S/ 450,000 for the development and validation of innovative products, services or processes, which contribute to the reactivation of their businesses and their income to new markets, through the Business Innovation and Innovation Validation contests, promoted by the .

With these non-reimbursable funds granted by the program ProInnovatePeruvian companies will be supported to overcome technological risks and uncertainties with the creation of solutions from prototypes to their validation on an industrial scale.

through the contest Business Innovationcompanies will be able to access up to a maximum of S/ 300,000 for the generation of a new or improved product, service or process (or a combination of both) on a pilot scale, which differs significantly from others previously implemented by the company – and which responds to an opportunity or need detected from the market demand.

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In the case of Innovation ValidationProInnóvate will grant a contribution of up to S/ 450,000 for the execution of technical, commercial and/or packaging validation activities for innovations that have overcome the technological risk and whose benefits and advantages have been approved by potential users.

It is important to emphasize that it is not a loan or a credit, it is non-reimbursable funds to encourage companies to innovate and grow, being more competitive and productive.

Who benefits?

These funds will make it possible to strengthen the innovation capacities of micro, small, medium and large companies in the production sectors (goods and services) or cooperatives or civil associations of a productive nature.

These organizations must have at least one (01) year or two (02) years of continuous operation, depending on the type of contest; register sales levels above zero in the year 2021, be legally constituted in the country and have an active RUC, among other important requirements described in the bases of the aforementioned contests.

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Regarding the application modalities, they will have the option of associating with universities, research, development and innovation centers, civil associations of a productive nature, among other entities.

How to apply?

To apply to ProInnóvate contests for companies, you must enter the Online System (), register your user and start filling out your online form.


The Government published Supreme Decree 030-2022-PCM, which provides for the extension of the state of emergency for a period of 30 calendar days.

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