Look at the list of everything the drone does that the people of Salta donated to the Police

The Agricultural Association of Salto (ASA) you donated to the Rural Security Brigade of that department a drone, which has a value of US$10,460to support the tasks of maintaining security in rural areas.

With this technology, which has a thermal camera, it is expected that control dog attacks on farm animalspossible rustling cases and even search for lost people in the fieldshighlighted the head of the brigade, Commissioner Jairo Jacques, on the day of the delivery.

Three brigade officials were trained to handle the dronewhich has a flight autonomy of 30 minutes.

Night vision and thermal sensors

The device has a dual camera and several display modes, which allow temperatures to be measured and objects to be identified in real time.

As reported, it has a high-resolution radiometric thermal camera and omnidirectional thermal and visual sensorsUsed for detect obstacles “all the way around”, even if they are covered by weedsso it will be used to locate people and animals, both during the day and at night.

It has an LED light that gives a brightness of 2,400 lumenswhich will help operators to carry out missions in low visibility conditions during night flights.

What’s more, a loudspeaker with a capacity of 100 decibels, which pilots can use to play back recordings. In the presentation of the technology it was highlighted that this will allow, for example, that they can communicate with people who are in difficulty, during a rescue.

The Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber was at the delivery of the drone, which was made in Salto.

Jacques commented that the drone will be used to carry out inspectionshow to verify the situation of wire fences, mountains, water holes, routes and roads; also to search for cattle that are reported as missing on farms and to document events such as cattle rustling or dog attacks.

Regarding the control of packs, he stressed that With this donation, the dogs can be followed and thus see their place of origin, or in case there has been an attack, you can see where they entered or left the field.

“Last generation technology”

The drone was purchased with the contributions of more than 40 donations made by rural producers, the Salto Shopping Center and various companies in the department, informed The Observer Rodrigo Azambuja, president of the AAS. The money to make the donation came together in three months, he said.

“This donation confirms that the Salto Rural Security Brigade will be able to carry out its important task more quickly and effectively,” he said.

During the delivery of the drone, which was made with the presence of the Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber, in Salto, the president of the union highlighted: “The Rural Security Brigade now has state-of-the-art technological assistance to be able to satisfy the different tasks of their actions. When positive proposals are made, working together, great goals can be achieved”.

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