They arrest a police officer who planned to rob the family that rented a room

They arrest a police officer who planned to rob the family that rented a room

May 25, 2023, 10:52 PM

May 25, 2023, 10:52 PM

A police sergeant planned a robbery to the family that he rented a room in the Los Ambaibos neighborhood of Pampa de la Isla, and ordered his partner to execute him, a former prisoner who had been released from Palmasola prison four months ago.

The departmental commander of the Police, Erik Holguín, indicated that the uniformed woman identified as Rosmery SA planned this violent act upon learning that the owner of the house Lorenzo VC (74 years old), had 12 thousand bolivianos collected in his shop.

The police involved lent his regulation firearm to his partner Gabriel M., whom he had met in Palmasola, when he was performing custodian duties. The former inmate was released in January and went to live with Rosmery, according to the commandant.

The robbery was executed on Tuesday, May 23, when Gabriel arrived, brought together an accomplice who was wanted, to the elderly man’s store and posed as customers asking if he sold gas. After that distraction, they hit the seller with the weapon and They asked him to hand over the 12,000 Bolivianos.

However, the robbers they only found Bs 350 that they ended up taking. Then the victim went to the Special Force to Fight Crime in the Los Chacos area and the troops carried out a patrol until the ex-inmate was captured.

The ex-reco ended by confessing that his partner, Sergeant Rosmery, lent him her firearm to carry out the robbery and is She was also apprehended and faces criminal proceedings. and another intern by the olive green institution.

What hurts the 74-year-old victim the most is not the blow to the head, but knowing that her tenant, whom He considers her part of his family. is behind this violent robbery.

“She was one of the family here, she was trusted with everything. We invited her to have breakfast with us and we even kept food for her while waiting for her to return from work,” lamented Lorenzo VC.

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