They affirm the US hides with false narrative reality in Cuba

Washington, Dec 6 (Prensa Latina) The government and the United States press media hide the reality in Cuba with a false narrative about the imminent fall of the system on the island, an analysis published by the site said today

As recounted by the US government and media, the next series of huge street protests will be enough to overthrow a fragile Cuban government that is barely staying in power, the website noted.

That’s the story they told for years, remarked Ted Snider, a pattern analyst on American foreign policy.

The expert shows aspects of the White House’s action against Havana “carefully planned for months” to propitiate the fall of the Revolution and its failure despite the support of the US authorities.

What the media and the government do not want to tell – he stressed – is that, once again, it did not happen.

The false narrative failed despite US efforts to intervene and support it, Snider said.

He cited Cuban expert William LeoGrande who reported that the US embassy in Havana “has assumed a leadership role in supporting dissident activists, pushing the limits of what is normally allowed under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.”

Juan González, the senior director for the Western Hemisphere of the National Security Council said recently that the Biden administration is “fully committed to supporting, endorsing and strengthening the voice of the Cuban people who want change.”

In this regard, LeoGrande argued that “the United States and Cuba are on a collision course over the support of US diplomats for” democracy promotion “programs.

Snider stressed that in Cuba, Washington intervenes “aggressively in an attempt to make a desired and imagined plot come true,” something that failed but does not prevent Americans from telling “their” story about what is happening on the island.

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