There is no government rescue plan for mipymes: “We are in intensive care”

There is a false belief about what brain death is, which often prevents organ donation from patients in this clinical situation from being accepted. }

Dr. Nancy Garay, head of Cardiology at the Pediatric Acosta Ñu, mentioned in dialogue with Universo/Nación Media about the importance of life-saving organ donation.

In this context, he told the case of Nahiara, who has been waiting for a heart for a year and during that time, they received 10 notifications from potential donors, but unfortunately the relatives did not agree.

He explained that an artificial heart is a bridge to transplantation, it is an extra time waiting for a donor and the patient can only be managed within an intensive care unit by qualified personnel.

“Anita’s Law is fantastic for someone who is 18 years old, when they are of legal age and in a situation of brain death, they automatically become a donor, but minors are only donors with the consent of their parents or legal guardians. That is why many children die on the waiting list”, lamented the doctor.

A relevant point explained by the professional was that there is a false belief when there is a brain death and explained that normally this occurs as a result of a serious accident involving the head and skull, there is bleeding or a large clot inside the brain that prevents oxygen from reaching this organ.

“By not getting oxygen to the brain, that part of the body ‘dies’, the most important part where everything is in command and which is protected by the skull. Since the brain is soft, when that happens it begins to liquefy and self-digeste, you can have an empty skull because this soft organ is not going to regenerate or reverse brain death, ”he explained.

Along these lines, he added that many believe that the patient with this situation, being connected to a respirator and a monitor, will be able to wake up when it is scientifically proven that it is irreversible and only in a matter of hours, the heart will stop beating and the other organs they will stop working.

“The body will be buried in a cemetery. I understand that it is very shocking for someone who does not work in the field of health, disease, life and death on a day-to-day basis, but it is important to understand that brain death represents a brilliant opportunity to save the lives of other people. . In reality, the donation is a tribute of love that is made to that family member who is leaving and who lives in other patients who need it, ”she stressed.

Finally, the cardiologist stated that a very strong bond is created between doctors and children suffering from chronic illnesses, mentioning that many times the helplessness of the professional is terrible for not being able to do something else.

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