Demand begins for fustanes to dance Santiago in Huancayo

Demand begins for fustanes to dance Santiago in Huancayo

A few weeks from the biggest party in the Mantaro Valley. Merchants selling fustanes in the Ráez Patiño market and in Jirón Ica have increased their sales and orders. There are about 100 embroiderers, who have invested their capital for this time, with the expected economic recovery.

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In the stalls, you can see the multicolored fustanes that women are looking for and that cost from S/400 for computerized ones and S/1,800 to S/2,000 for hand-embroidered ones.

“Here we have everything to dance the Santiago, a woman needs the fustán, the lliclla, the hat and the sash. The cheapest fustan is at S/115, from S/400 to S/500 are the machine knits, while the hand embroidery is at S/1800, the hats are at S/30, S/50 and S/ 60, the lliclla also for S/30, S/50 and S/60″, said the merchant Judith Quispe from stall 1013 of the Ráez Patiño market.

Now they hope that the festivities will go smoothly, since the festivities in Santiago are an engine for the reactivation of various businesses that showed restrictions during the pandemic.

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order. “A woman from Santiago will wear about S/600 on average. now the separations are already carried out 50% in advance”, said the merchant Liliana Vallejos.

Now the light blue “baby” is in fashion, with a 40 centimeter embroidery, it is the most sought after in the first block of Ica extension. As of July 20, the demand for the costumes of Santiago increases on the eve of the festival that takes place in the province of Huancayo.

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