There are already 27 Mexicans dead in a Texas trailer; identify driver and route

“The number of deceased increased to 51: 39 women and 12 men. Mexicans 27 deceased, Hondurans 14, Guatemalans seven, Salvadorans two, and a body pending identification, ”he detailed.

In addition, 16 migrants are still hospitalized, of which three are of Mexican origin and 13 of other nationalities.

At the morning press conference, he explained that at 6:20 p.m. last Monday, an abandoned red Volvo trailer was found, with overlapping license plates of the company “Betancourt Trucking and Harvesting”, registered in Álamos, Texas. However, he claimed that the plates, logos and license were cloned.

The official explained that the trailer was found on state highway number 35 in San Antonio, Texas, and the driver was identified, who wanted to pass himself off as one of the migrants traveling in the box of the trailer.

“The driver was identified as Homero “N”, who tried to pass himself off as one of the survivors, for which he was arrested with two other alleged perpetrators,” he reported.

The driver was identified as Homero “N”.

Two more Mexicans were also identified: Juan Francisco “N” and Juan Claudio “N”.

“For having the same address as the state registration of the truck and during a judicial review weapons were found on him. The National Institute of Migration does not have immigration records of these people, these two of Mexican origin are found irregularly, therefore it is a crime to carry weapons in the United States, ”he explained.

The INM director explained that the trailer went through two US Customs and Border Protection immigration checkpoints. It was captured by security cameras in Encinal, and Cotulla, Texas.

The trailer passed through two US Customs and Border Protection immigration checkpoints.



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