These are the most important news of June 28, 2022

Monsignor Silvio Baez, auxiliary bishop of Managua, expressed his solidarity with Monsignor Rolando Alvarez for the cancellation of the Catholic cable television channel of the Diocese of Matagalpa that operates in the north of the country.

The religious, who was forced into exile, expressed his “fraternal closeness and prayer” for the bishop of Matagalpa, and asked that “God give them strength and hope in the face of this new injustice.”

The day before, Monsignor Álvarez confirmed in a tweet that, following guidelines from the Nicaraguan Institute of Telecommunications and Post Office (Telcor), the Catholic channel TV Merced was removed from the Telecable programming grid without any justification.

This is the second channel of the Catholic Church that the Daniel Ortega regime has ordered taken off cable in a context of harassment and political trials against priests.

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The Nicaraguan opposition Rodolfo Rojas Cordero65, was found dead on the side of a highway in the city of Danlí in the department of El Paraíso, Honduras, located about 25 kilometers from the border with Nicaragua.

According to his relatives, Rojas was assassinated by order of the Daniel Ortega regime for having supported the 2018 protests. Through social networks, friends and relatives comment that the opponent was a refugee in Costa Rica, but through deception by third parties. people who promised to take him to the United States, he was transferred to Honduras, where they took his life.

The opponent was a historical ex-combatant, known by his pseudonym “Piel”, who rebelled against the Ortega dictatorship and supported the population in Jinotepe, Carazo.

The illegitimate president Daniel Ortega dismissed Edward Rye as agricultural minister, a position he held for eight years. Along with Centeno, the general secretary of the ministry, Marcia Zeledondaughter of the mayor of Matagalpa, Zadrach Zeledón, who, according to the presidential agreement, submitted his resignation.

Sources informed the Confidencial media that the sweep responds to an alleged “hunt” by the regime that is investigating alleged acts of corruption in mayors’ offices and ministries, however, the alleged crime that Centeno would have committed in the Ministry of Agriculture is unknown.

Edward Centeno is known for being an alleged “file” of Rosario Murillo; He served as former political secretary of the Sandinista Front in Nueva Segovia and as mayor of Ocotal before coming to the ministry. His dismissal took place on June 23.

The regime appointed a new Nicaraguan ambassador to China, a country that has been an ally of Ortega since December 2021. The spokeswoman, Rosario Murillo, confirmed that the position will be held by Ian Colonel Kinlochwho has already received the approval of Beijing.

Murillo did not explain what role he will play Orlando Jose Gomezwho was the first official appointed ambassador to the Asian country a month ago, and who has a history of briefly holding the position in the embassies of Venezuela and Russia.

Journalistic investigations on nepotism in Nicaragua report that Ian Colonel Kinloch He is the brother of the Minister of the Interior, María Amelia Coronel Kinloch, and has several relatives in State institutions and embassies.

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The National Assembly, controlled by the ruling party, authorized a loan with the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) for an amount of more than 350 million dollars to finance a highway expansion and improvement program.

The millionaire loan, sent urgently by Daniel Ortega, was approved expeditiously with 89 votes in favor and zero against. With these resources, it is intended to build and improve kilometers of roads and highways on the Pacific coast and, according to the program, the idea is to build an international tourist corridor that allows access to the area’s beaches.

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