#TheCharacter |  Juan Zepeda: The myth that sells Dante

#TheCharacter | Juan Zepeda: The myth that sells Dante

The incredible thing about the subject is that once again Dante Delgado wants to sell us the idea that his party brings a winning candidate, which amounts to a mere self-deception, well, and it is not to spoil the party, but Juan Zepeda has contended and lost three times… that is, the third time is the charm, and if we look at the numbers in the polls, it will go but the fifth time is the charm.

In fact, today the senator is still saying, to whoever wants to listen to him, that he knows how MC can win the governorship of the State of Mexico, because of his experience having been a candidate six years ago.

Has he forgotten that he played hand in hand with the PRI and himself, as a PRD candidate, to put his foot in it and divide the vote of the left and that Delfina lost and thus the PRIMazo, Del Mazo could win?

Hence, according to him, he achieved such good numbers… his everything, the EPN cabinet, also did his job.

The only thing he did do was play rock at his closing campaign.

And how not to mention that, in those days, he was singled out for spending 32 million pesos on billboards to promote his image, also for buying watches with the PRD logo that were distributed to attract supporters.

And watch out, the dispute between the morenistas and the PAN-PRI-PRD alliance is all over the place and the numbers that MC draws, far from being a victory for them, will be, once again, the comparsa of Morena, PT and Verde.

In Morena, it seems they will send the weakest rival, Doña Delfina, a candidate judged by the electoral institutions as an extortionist, for having taken money from the Ecatepec workers for her last campaign. Oh, and having managed to bring down the full-time schools at the head of the SEP, she has great empathy with children and women. #OK no

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