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Regime “is armored” to avoid another 11J: “They don’t want me reporting on the street”

MIAMI, United States. — The Cuban regime wants another social outbreak that leads to protests like last year. This is confirmed by the citations and warnings to activists and independent journalists, who will have police surveillance in the coming days.

One of those who will not be able to leave her home will be the journalist of the digital portal 14ymedio Luz Escobar, who was questioned this Friday at an Identity Card office by a political police officer identified as Ramses.

“In the ‘interview,’ what the Ramses State Security agent wanted was to inform me that on July 11, 12 and 13 I will have police surveillance in my building and to warn me that on those days I could not leave my house,” reported the reporter in social networks.


The journalist from CubaNet and LGBTI+ community activist Nelson Julio Álvarez received a notification today to appear tomorrow at 10:30 am at the Zapata y C police station.

“There are several people who have been subpoenaed for 11J and I imagine that it is for that. They don’t want me on the street reporting, they don’t want me working for CubaNet. Not only do they threaten me with prosecution under the new Criminal Procedure Law, but they also threaten me with my family,” explained the young man.

Regime "is armored" to avoid another 11J: "They don't want me reporting on the street"
Summons delivered to journalist Nelson Julio Álvarez (Photo: Courtesy)

In addition to Luz Escobar and Nelson Julio Álvarez, activists Leonardo Fernández Otaño and Yerly Velázquez, among others, also received summonses.

The portal 14ymedio reported since yesterday the internet service on the island has slowed down at times, so some do not rule out a possible blackout of communications in case the protests are repeated.

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