The US emphasizes that it is the main buyer of beef from Nicaragua

The US emphasizes that it is the main buyer of beef from Nicaragua

The Joe Biden administration once again reminded the Daniel Ortega regime that the United States is Nicaragua’s largest trading partner. The US Embassy revealed that in 2021 exports of beef of Nicaraguan origin to that country reached a “record amount” of 361 million dollars.

The diplomatic headquarters in Managua published in its account Twitter a graph where they highlight that the United States market is the main destination for beef from Nicaragua.

Since 2005, meat exports to the United States have increased gradually and with the shipments of this product to the North American territory, the “sustainability of 650,000 jobs and more than 100,000 ranchers in the country” is supported, said the US delegation.

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In addition, the Biden government placed Nicaragua in position number six, of the 10 countries from which the United States buys the largest amount of meat.

The US delegation recently emphasized that that nation has become the main supplier of oil. In 2021, the Government of Nicaragua bought 754.104 million dollars in oil and its derivatives from the United States, which represents 68% of the consumption in the country.

He also indicated that the United States is the main issuer of remittances to Nicaragua with 63.8%, which represents 11% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). “These funds put food on the table and are the livelihood of millions of Nicaraguans,” emphasized the US Embassy.

In the same way, he highlighted that it is the main commercial partner of Managua. “Nicaragua has a trade surplus with the US – $2,139 million in 2020, or 17% of GDP. Nicaragua sells more than it buys from the US, creating jobs and economic growth for Nicaragua », the diplomatic headquarters wrote on his Twitter account.

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