The US Coast Guard returns 83 Cuban rafters in four days

The US Coast Guard returns 83 Cuban rafters in four days

The United States Coast Guard continues to repatriate Cuban rafters who are intercepted at sea. This Tuesday, 29 nationals of the Island returned. dependency insisted who “work around the clock to prevent people from landing illegally in the US.”

According to official data, since October 2022 the journey of 6,107 Cubans has been cut short, which almost equals the 6,182 rafters of the previous year.

The US authorities indicated that, despite the fact that since January the White House and the Department of Homeland Security announced new legal routes to enter the United States, the record of rafters detained on the high seas and illegal landings prevails in Florida.

Between March 17 and 24, the Coast Guard reported the repatriation and transfer of 82 migrants who tried to reach the US in four rustic rafts. Of this group, 15 rafters, without specifying their nationality, were transferred to the Bahamas and three more remain in custody.

The other 64 of Cuban origin were returned to the island last Friday on the ship bernard webber. Captain Robert Kinsey, of the Seventh Coast Guard District, said in a statement that in the past nearly five months “15 people have died from needless risk” in their passage through the Florida Straits aboard vessels “unseaworthy without security equipments”.

Reference was made to the rescue, last Tuesday, of 28 rafters who were left adrift, 10 of them were at sea. Two of these migrants had to be hospitalized and one disappeared.

The US Coast Guard reiterated that the detained rafters are provided with medical assistance, food and are returned to their country of origin, in addition to the fact that they will not be eligible for the parole humanitarian.

Meanwhile, in Florida this Wednesday there were protests against two bills SB 1718 and HB 1617, presented by Republicans Blaise Ingoglia and Kiyan Michael, which seek to “severely restrict” the movement of irregular immigrants within the state, as well as track the information of them in the hospitals.

One of them, SB 1718is under discussion in the Senate Substitute Committee, while the other, HB 1617, is in the House Commerce Committee.

Similar legislation enacted in Georgia and Alabama more than 10 years ago was declared unconstitutional by an appeals court, recalled the SPLC Action Fund, which defines itself as an organization that “works with communities to dismantle white supremacy.”


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